Ministar Platform Single Chamber Standard System Features 

 Ministar - RIE   TMP, Chiller, 4 gas channels, 300W RF 
 Ministar - PECVD  Heater (Chuck Heating), 4 gas channels, 300W RF
 Ministar - ICP  TMP, Chiller, 4 gas channels, 300W Bias, 600W ICP
 Ministar - Sputter         4 inch target, TMP, Chuck Heater, Chiller, 2 gas channels, 300W RF or 1kW DC selection


Alternative configurations and options available.


Ministar Series Single chamber

Ministar Series Single-Chamber

Ministar 3C Platform Multi-Chamber Systems

 Module Configuration  Details
 Ministar - RIE + PECVD     8 gas channels
 Ministar - RIE + ICP  6 gas channels
 Ministar - ICP + PECVD  8 gas channels
 Ministar - Sputter + Sputter         2 gas channels
 Ministar - RIE + PECVD + ICP  10 gas channels
 Ministar - Sputter & Sputter & Sputter         2 gas channels


Ministar Series Multi-chamber

Ministar 3C Series Multi-Chamber Platform

Note: Specifications are subject to change. The above specifications relate to entry-level systems. Higher specification systems with increased number of gas lines, higher power delivery and other variants are available.