Plasma Assisted Vacuum Alignment and bonding system for R&D and pilot production of microfluidic and micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) devices.

3-functions in 1-system; Surface plasma treatment and micro-manipulation technique for PDMS bonding with alignment.

Patent Pending.

PA-100S Standard Platform

  • Optimized, custom-made sources for any size: pieces to whole wafers
  • Micromanipulation of substrates
  • High power LED lamp for superior vision
  • Uniform process control via an optimized gas distribution & multi-channel pumping manifold
  • RF Power Delivery
  • Windows-based tool control and image analysis software
  • Automatic pressure control / rotary pump
  • Compact footprint : 950x850x1850mm (WxDxH)



Plasma Assisted Aligned Bonder



Step      Description  
 1  Sample Loading to Top/Bottom Holders 
 2  Evacuation of the Chamber
 3  PDMS Sample Surface Plasma Treatment          
 4  Top/Bottom Samples Pattern Aligning
 5  Top/Bottom Samples Bonding
 6  Vent & Unloading



  • No exposure to air during the entire PDMS bonding process
  • No contamination of sample surfaces due to the whole process in vacuum
  • Convenient pattern alignment using real-time video inspection
  • Time-efficient and reliable process



  • Droplet based microfluidics
  • Formation of special material particles
  • Manipulation of biological material
  • Chemistry, material science, biology
  • In-vitro compartmentalization, development and screening of biological assays
  • Production of polymer-/ microgel-/ nano-/ inorganic-particles and other special materials

surface property

microchannel fabrication