EBLab Low Energy Electron Beam Lab System for R&D

Process samples, view a demonstration.

If you are interested in learning more about the EBLab system and evaluating it's suitability for your application, why not prepare some samples for processing on the system and see the power of the ebeam at first hand? 

Process Samples on an EBLab



Compact, flexible, and easy to use. Develop and optimize new products and processes with ebeam.

The EBLab from ebeam is reliable and versatile. The system enables experiments and quality control tests to be performed in the smallest of spaces without the need for additional infrastructure.

The EBLab provides innovation teams with the tool they need to explore frontiers opened by easy access to electron beam processing.

User friendly

  • Intuitive software, large 17" screen


  • Fully shielded. No personal dosimeters required


  • Large, adjustable sample holder
  • Powerful and Flexible
  • From 70 to 200kV

Real Science

  • Detailed records of test parameters as printout or download


  • Auto-K function


  • Compact, free standing
  • Maintenence free
  • No vacuum pump. No need to change foils, cathodes, or cables

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EBLab low energy ebeam system



EBLab System Overview

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