Next Generation Atmospheric Plasma Source

Process substrates with widths from 80mm to 1000m and beyond!

Atmospheric Plasma Source Module for narrow and wide substrate processing

Unique Environmentally Friendly Technology. Arc Free.

Surface Reduction

Treat electrode surface to remove oxidation and improve surface electrical conducting properties    

Plasma Cleaning

Breaks most organic bonds of surface contaminants    

Surface Modification

Control of surface properties, Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic mode control,    



The Atmospheric Plasma Source Module is designed to provide a stable and uniform plasma to the substrate or surface under treatment. The compact source is available in a range of sizes to support a wide range of applications.

As the source operates under atmospheric conditions, no chamber or associated vacuum pumps are required.

Operating at radio frequency (RF), a glow plasma is produced. Improved arc performance is achieved compared to medium frequency (MF) plasma systems. There are less emissions compared with MF atmospheric plasma sources, and complex applications can be realised. Gas supply usage is also reduced by up to a factor of 100 depending on the application.

By producing a direct plasma, the efficiency of the process is greatly increased. The plasma can be used to functionalise many surfaces, and processing of large areas at high speed is possible.

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atmospheric source module direct glow plasma




Surface Treatment

Wafer and solar cell treatment to produce hydrophobic and hydrophilic surface properties.

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