Dynamic Ebeam System

Designed to use a sealed emitter allowing for installation in a wide variety of shielded configurations

These nnovative system designs leverage sealed-emitter technology to deliver the benefits of ebeam to R&D lines, narrow web, or 3D part processing applications.

The Dynamic series connects a full range of ebeam capabilities with creative configuration concepts.

 dynamic Ebeam System


Rotary Dynamic Ebeam System

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Invictus Ebeam System

The workhorses of ebeam processing equipment, used for the most demanding, high power applications.

With accelerating voltages of up to 300 kV, these systems have the capacity to take on challenging applications.

Excellent at crosslinking multi-layer films, curing thick opaque coatings, and processing Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs)

Invictus is the proven answer for reliable performance.

 Invictus main 


 Invictus Ebeam System side view


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Omnia Ebeam System

Designed to fit a wide range of curing, laminating, and crosslinking applications

The Omnia system facilitates a sustainable and flexible method of deploying ebeam-cured inks or coatings, as well as instant in-line curing of a laminate, and Coil coating.

The patented, integrated shield roll design allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a chill roll without sacrificing ease of use. Innovative design and reliable operation – Omnia delivers both.


Omnia main  
















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core100 Ebeam System

Designed for curing lightweight coatings and inks on narrow webs

The core100 Ebeam system can accommodate virtually any flexible packaging produced by any digital or conventional press.

The core100 may be integrated to operate inline with digitally printed flexbile food packaging lines, or offline, to process the output from multiple printing presses.

With a top speed of over 180 mpm, it can keep up with multiple production sources in the facility.

With numerous options for overprint varnish (OPV) finishes, you can choose the best effect to make your packaging stand out on any shelf.

Ebeam’s instant-curing process means you can turn around orders in an instant!


Core main         


core100 outline dimensions 


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EBLab System

Compact, flexible, and easy to use.

Develop and optimize new products and processes with ebeam. The EBLab from ebeam is reliable and versatile.

The system enables experiments and quality control tests to be performed in the smallest of spaces without the need for additional infrastructure. 

The EBLab provides innovation teams with the tool they need to explore frontiers opened by easy access to electron beam processing.

EBLab System
























 Features  Details
 User Fiendly  Intuitive Software, large 17" screen
 Safe  Fully Shielded. No personal dosimeters required
 Versatile  Large, adjustable, sample holder
 Powerful and Flexible             From 80keV to 200keV
 Convenient  Compact, Free standing
 Maintenance free EB source  No vacuum pump. No need to change foils or cathodes





Etch and Deposition Systems

Both MiniStar+ and FabStar+ can incorporate a proprietary high density inductively-coupled plasma source that enables excellent uniformity and high-throughput processes for a range of applications. 

  • Optimized ICP sources for wafer sizes from 50mm to 300mm and carriers available for multi-wafer batches.
  • Optional Faraday shield enables etch uniformity control
  • Chamber wall and ICP source heating reduce cleaning requirements and increase uptime
  • Highest pumping conductance giving wider process window
  • Electrodes available for temperatures from -30°C to +400°C and beyond

Plasma Etch and Plasma Deposition Systems





















  • Anisotropic etching of all types of silicon-based films for ULSI devices
  • Etching of GaAs, GaN, InP and other compound semiconductor materials
  • Low-damage etching of III-V compounds
  • Fabrication of waveguide devices
  • Etching of metal films - Cr, Al, W, Au, Pt and others
  • Patterned sapphire etching for LED
  • Polymer etch, photoresist strip and surface cleaning

Atmospheric Plasma Systems

This plasma technology provides several solutions for surface treatment, with applications such as the cleaning of contaminated devices, plasma activation of plastic parts, and coating of layers similar to PTFE.

The atmospheric plasma source delivers a direct plasma and is arc-free.

DBD Atmospheric Plasma Source



















  • Glow
    • Arc-free solutions
    • Direct type plasma
  • Atmospheric System
    • Simple system
    • In-line process
  • Environmentally Safe
    • Ozone-free solution
  • Large Area
    • Fast processing speed


  • Material surface treatment
    • Medical / Bio / Chemistry
  • Plasma Cleaning
    • Hydrophobic/Hydrophillic coatings
  • FPD 
    • LCD, TSP, OLED
  • Semiconductor
    • Packaging

PEGASUS Simulation Software

PEGASUS is software which can be used to simulate plasma behavior, and to simulate rarefied gas dynamics. The following simulations may be performed by combining and using each module of PEGASUS:

  • Plasma and sputtering particles in magnetron sputtering equipments.
  • Plasma and Fed gas, radicals, other dissociative neutrals in CCP/ICP reactors.
  • Micro plasma
  • Evaporating particles in vacuum evaporation equipments.
  • Rarefied gas dynamics in various vacuum chambers and vacuum pumps.
  • Ion implantation
  • Feature profile in micro fabrications.

Pegasus has been developed as a practical simulation software application to support R&D and manufacturing engineers where plasma processing and vacuum technology is applied. This includes semiconductor, flat panel display optics, electronics and other sectors.

Pegasus Simulation Software

















  • Semiconductors
  • New Materials
  • Energy
  • Electronics
  • Optics
  • Automotive
  • MEMS