Selection of PEGASUS modules according to equipment & operating conditions

In order to determine which modules of Pegasus are relevant for an application, use the flowchart below.


pegasus modules


Neutral gas/plasma behavior in plasma equip.

  • Plasma/sputtered particles behavior in magnetron sputtering equip.
  • Plasma/fed gas and radical behavior in plasma CVD equip.
  • Plasma/fed gas and radical behavior in dry etching equip.
  • Charged particles beam analysis
  • Surface modification by ion implantation

Simulation for rarefied gas dynamics behavior in vacuum equip.

  • Vapor particles and fed gas behavior in vacuum vapor equipment
  • Fed gas behavior in plasma equipments
  • Mixture rarefied gas behavior in vacuum equipments
  • Atom/molecules behavior in microscopic domain

Feature profile simulation by PVD,CVD and dry etching

  • Feature profile of substrate in vacuum/plasma equipments


surface science simulation modules