Standard Specifications

 Features          EBLab 200 
 Voltage Range  80-200kV, accuracy < 1%
 Max. Power ebeam Lamp  2.25kW
 Max. Beam current (voltage dependant)          20mA, accuracy <1%
 Dose Uniformity  +/- 10% over width of 210mm at 180kV and 20mm air gap 
 Sample transport Speed  3-30m/min
 Sample Size  216 x 297mm, height adjustable up to 50mm
 Air Gap               max.55mm minus height of sample, min. 5mm with sample height zero 
 Oxygen Measurement Device  Included
Operating Modes  With and without inerting gas
 Nitrogen Inerting  Minimum oxygen concentration <50ppm
 Ozone extraction  Port provided for facility connection, ozone filter optional
 ebeam lamp  EBA-200/270


ebeam lamp 200kV


 User Interface                         
 Push Buttons  Start Cycle, Emergency Stop 
 Warning Lamps  2 lamps: red & green
 Monitor Screen  17"
 Data Input  Keyboard
 PC  Windows-based Industrial PC   


 Physical Data                           
 Weight  ca. 1200kg 
 Min. floor loading  1000kg/m²
 Size (W,D,H)  1.322m x 1.027m x 1.828m