Standard Specifications

Specification            Atmospheric Plasma Module  
 Electricity  AC 220V, 50/60Hz
 RF Power  0 ~ 2kW (width dependant)
 Frequency  13.56MHz
 Carrier Gas  Ar (Max. 20 l/min.)
 Reactive Gas  O2/N2 (Max. 200 sccm)
 Cooling Type  Water (high power applications)
 Reactive Gas Flow               Application specific
 Treatment Speed  Application specific


installed atmospheric plasma source module


Atmospheric Plasma Source Module Variants

Source Width             RF Power Supply & Auto-Match Unit 
 80mm  300W
 150mm  300W
 200mm  600W
 300mm  600W
 400mm  600W
 500mm  1000W
 600mm  1000W
 1000mm  2000W


Custom source widths available on request.

Required System Hardware

A complete atmospheric plasma system comprises

  • Atmospheric plasma source module
  • RF Power Supply
  • RF Matching Unit 
  • Gas control unit (MFCs)

In the case of higher power modules, water cooling is required.